Tips on Picking the Perfect Room Theme for Your Kid!

Ok, you have made up your mind! Your little one needs a brand new environment to spur his/her creativity, hunger for knowledge and imagination, and furnishing it based on a certain theme seems a great idea! 

Awesome Themed Bedrooms that Every Girl Would Love

Girls are sensitive, but also prove harder to satisfy, especially when it comes to the decoration of their bedroom! Their private chambers must combine comfort, bright, luminous colors and relaxing themes which, at the same time, spur their imagination.

7 Tips on Helping Your Child Focus & Concentrate

Concentration and children seldom go together, that's for sure! The only way you can help your little "Taz" concentrate is to transform everything you want him/her to do into a game, from their homework to cleaning their room.

Awesome Themed Bedrooms That Every Boy Would Love

Do you want your precious one to love his bedroom? Here's your chance: we present to you 3 awesome themed bedrooms from LIFETIMEKidsrooms, which every boy would love!

The Adventurous Pocahontas Kids Room

Did you know that Pocahontas' name means the "Naughty One"? Based on the partly historical, partly legendary figure of a brave Native American girl who defied danger and loved adventure. 

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