The Adventurous Pocahontas Kids Room


Did you know that Pocahontas' name means the "Naughty One"? Based on the partly historical, partly legendary figure of a brave Native American girl who defied danger and loved adventure, Lifetime has created this wonderful Girl’s Bedroom Theme, designed to instill thirst for creativity and imagination to the hearts of your little ones.


Would you like to take a closer look? Just follow us.


A Short Description

The Pocahontas theme comes either with a base bed or a luxury base bed, with dimensions 64 x 207 x 102 cm and 25 cm ground clearance made from solid pine wood. The bed finish comes in 3 wonderful colours: white, white wash and grey wash.

Next you have the great Tipi Tent (160 x 150 x 150 cm) that can be placed either on the bed or at a different spot and is made from cotton and light yet durable aluminium.

Last, the bed – drawer (22.5 x 199 x 90 cm), made from pine wood, provides you with ample storage space, either for clothes, bed – sheets, blankets or toys. Thus the child can easily find what she is looking for and tidy up her room without having to use drawers in dangerous heights.

Gentle Background, Wild Strokes

Well, the first feature that stands out in this wonderful theme is its blend of colours. As you can see, gentle bright dyes dominate most of the background, with wild strokes of vivid colours at the top of the bed’s canopy and at the edges of most of the bedroom’s accessories.

Embroideries feature mostly floral designs and drawings that will bring memories of the most colourful epoch of the 20th century, the 60s! Is there a best amalgam to spur your daughter’s emotions and imagination into action?


Excellent Design, Durable Materials

Lifetime’s philosophy comes down to this: see the room through the kid’s eyes; design it based on the parent’s needs. While kid’s love themed bedrooms, along with their parents, grownups can’t help thinking about one unavoidable problem: “what happens when my child grows out of this bed or theme? Will I have to throw everything out and renovate the room?” Well, in numerous themed bedrooms that is exactly what you will have to do, but not with Lifetime’s “Pocahontas”!


pocahontas kids full


By purchasing the “Pocahontas” Theme you actually buy 4 different bedrooms integrated in one, namely:

1. A bedroom designed for the time your daughter grows and safety is your first priority.
2. A bedroom designed for when it is time to play and you need ample space.
3. A bedroom designed for playing and doing homework.
4. Last, a bedroom designed for ages that love to invite friends for sleeping over.

So the tranquil age of innocence is succeeded by the years of exploration and knowledge. The bedroom actually grows along with your child, giving you the chance to adapt and personalize it to your circumstances and special needs.

Another prominent feature of the “Pocahontas” bedroom is its durable construction: made from solid Pine wood, birch and high quality MDF, it comes with an unrivalled 5 year guarantee, thus ensuring that it can be used throughout the years without fear.

Another great factor is portability. There is always a chance to move to a different location, house or apartment. Lifetime has taken care of that too: all accessories and furniture are easily portable and can be placed in innumerable different combinations and positions.


Play and sleep like Pocahontas!

Pocahontas is a noble, free - spirited girl that fears nothing and loves adventure and exploration. Being able to commune with nature, talk to “spirits”, empathize with animals and perceive the world surrounding her in her own unique way, it is an ideal character for your beloved girl to personate.

Excellent construction quality, beautiful and colourful design, impeccable features – what more can you ask from a themed bedroom? So head on over and create this lovely room for your girl's enjoyment.