1 bed system, 4 bed combinations.   Learn how our bed system evolves and why it is the ideal construction for any children's room!

At LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS you can see rich options for your child and learn how the beds evolve based on the needs of your children.

Choose the ideal children’s furniture and design the bedroom they have always dreamt of, with the help of our experienced design team

At LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS you can design the perfect children's bedroom free, with the help of our experienced and distinguished design team!

Basic Bed:  Built it in 20+ combinations!

LIFETIMEKidsrooms are waiting for you with unique ideas, to "build" our Basic Bed, by choosing one of the 20+ wonderful combinations of our collection!

1 basic bed, countless possibilities: The choice is yours!

Practical, flexible, and functional, the versatile basic bed can be transformed to meet the needs of your child and your available space!

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