Basic Bed:  Built it in 20+ combinations!

LIFETIMEKidsrooms are waiting for you with unique ideas, to "build" our Basic Bed, by choosing one of the 20+ wonderful combinations of our collection!

1 basic bed, countless possibilities: The choice is yours!

Practical, flexible, and functional, the versatile basic bed can be transformed to meet the needs of your child and your available space!

5 reasons to choose wooden furniture for your children’s bedroom

We have gathered 5 reasons why the natural beauty, elegance, and flexibility of wood make it an ideal choice for creating unique children's bedrooms!

LIFETIMEKidsrooms Summer Offers! Pop by & create their dream room

LIFETIMEKidsrooms summer offers on all our beds and accessories! Visit us, see our renewed collection, and let us help you with the room of their dreams!

5 tips to raise optimistic and happy children

For each of us happiness is defined differently, but there are ways with which you can contribute as parents in shaping your child's optimistic character.

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