4 smart ways to convert your child’s room to a teenage one!

Designing a teenage room is now centred on three key axes, influenced by each child's personality: school, hobbies, and friends.

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Every child has the right to dream away in a completely safe environment. Read 3 tips that ensure good and uninterrupted sleep for your children.

Winter Sales at LIFETIMEkidsrooms

The New Year at LIFETIMEkidsrooms will be filled with Winter Sales, giving everyone the opportunity to design the perfect children's room... exactly as the grown-ups want it and the little ones dream of it!

3 deeper meanings to teach our children this Christmas!

Christmas is the most beloved children's holiday ... of all ages, and is always sprinkled with the necessary magic our lives need.

5 festive activities to enjoy with your children during Christmas!

The magic of Christmas nestles in every home, bringing to life the treasure of precious moments that you spend with your children.

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