1 basic bed, countless possibilities: The choice is yours!

LIFETIMEKidsrooms versatile basic bed is specially designed to be the basis for creating a unique children's bedroom!

The Scandinavian know-how where the furniture is to be practical, flexible and functional, is best expressed in our basic bed, as it can be transformed to meet the needs and requirements of your child and your available space!

Our 1 basic bed can be converted into countless possibilities; here we display only some of the bed-combinations you can choose from and see up close in our stores.

  • Change the height and raise the level  

allakste to ipsos kai anevaste epipedo

Raising the height of the bed, as in our Low Loft bedroom, you automatically take advantage of the extra space created which allows your child to play or relax after a day full of learning and discovery!

Our collection promises to adapt to your own space, as you can select the slope of the ladder (straight or slanted) and the side to be placed (left or right). Furthermore, always with the safety of children in mind, security at every step is ensured with our aluminium protective strips which are placed on each step, while at the same time the safety guards around the bed ensure a restful sleep for both your child... and yourselves.

  • Add a romantic note with a dreamy canopy

prostheste mia romantiki nota me mia paramithenia kounoupiera

The new accessories’ collection is specially designed to combine daily use with functionality, ensuring comfort and safety.

With attention to detail, made from materials such as natural cotton and decorated with ecological, toxic-free dyes, the addition of one of our canopies, or even a rug in a unique design, the overall look of the room and of our basic bed is up-lifted.

  • Pull-out bed for sleepovers

epipleon krevati gia sleepovers

Recognized for its durability and adaptability, the space under the highly functional basic bed can be utilized in many different ways.

Especially now, during summer, organizing a sleepover could not be easier, since in the bed’s lower part a pull-out bed can be added, ready to accommodate your children's friends! Of course, there is another alternative! It can also be used as storage space, helping to organize and tidy-up the room.

  • Possibility for more play

dinatotita gia perissotero paixnidi

Our flexible bed-combination system allows the addition of a detachable tower to the basic bed, such as the Play Tower, or even a slide, as shown in our Climb & Slide bed, thus building a combination of relaxation and play, to ignite your children’s imagination!

With the ability to evolve and adapt to the age of children, over time, the extra details such as the Play-tower, can be used separately or completely removed from the bedroom, preparing your children for the stage and growing needs of adolescence.

These are just some of the innovative bed-combinations of LIFETIMEKidsrooms collection which are “built-on” our basic bed! Paying close attention to durability and safety, it grows with your children, ensuring that you can make a bedroom that suits their age, development, needs and dreams!

Explore all the possibilities of our basic bed in our online catalogue, or visit our LIFETIMEKidrooms stores, see our collection up close and choose the bed combination that best serves your needs! The choice is yours!