5 reasons to choose wooden furniture for your children’s bedroom

At LIFETIMEKidsrooms we see the world through children’s eyes for more than 45 years!

Our knowledge and experience are the driving force that allows us to continue to explore ways and methods in making unique and safe children's bedrooms.

If you are expecting a new member in your family and you want to create the warmest baby room, or if you want renew your child's bedroom with new furniture and accessories, we have gathered 5 reasons why wooden furniture is the best choice.

  • Variety

terastia poikilia

Wood offers flexibility, something that characterizes all our furniture.

At LIFETIMEKidsrooms you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of modern, flexible and versatile furniture that are designed to be integrated and adapted to any children's bedroom.

Providing also the opportunity to add unique elements such as storage space, extra bed, protective fronts, canopies, or even alter the height, the options are truly countless and most importantly flexible!

  • Natural, timeless beauty

Who could disagree?

One of the main reasons that many people prefer wooden furniture is for their natural, timeless beauty, which lasts over time.

Solid pine wood is an elegant material and the possibility of choosing a finish (available from our collection) allows you to select the one that will complement the child’s bedroom and be in harmony with their aesthetics, from a very young age to adolescence.

  • A lasting investment

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Our main concern is the safety of children. Made of solid pine wood, all LIFETIMEKidsrooms furniture has a 5 year warranty and is an investment that withstands time and everyday use!

By preferring quality and choosing the longest lifespan, your children will enjoy countless hours of playing and learning in a safe environment.

  • With certified use of renewable materials

Keeping up with the needs of the modern age, we create welcoming worlds for children, places for playing, learning, and sleeping, setting them up for a bright future.

LIFETIMEKidsrooms furniture is manufactured from pine trees grown in sustainable controlled forests, thus protecting forest areas from deforestation. Demonstrating the necessary respect and care to the environment, we choose sustainable methods for generating electricity with wind turbines.

  • Ecological


Accompanying your children in their journey to adulthood, LIFETIMEKidsrooms furniture meets the strictest quality and safety controls.

LIFETIMEKidsrooms’s wooden furniture are tested by TÜV in Germany and fulfil the EU-standards of EN-747 as they are tested for their construction, the use of quality and safe materials as well as their safety and also the use of ecological paints without toxic or other harmful substances.

Inspired by the wood’s natural beauty, elegance, and flexibility, discover LIFETIMEKidsrooms products through our new catalogue or visit one of our stores in Greece and Cyprus to design together the most unique bedroom for your children.