5 tips to raise optimistic and happy children

5 tips to raise optimistic and happy children

Undoubtedly, raising children is the most important and demanding job we have to do as parents.

In our daily efforts to instil in them values such as honesty, respect and empathy, it is also important to stand by our children with understanding, care and love.

Let's have a look at 5 tips with which you can actively contribute as parents in shaping your child's optimistic character.

  • Ensure that they feel loved

Children who feel loved, are not afraid to face failure. On the contrary, by being by their side, you are helping them face failures as stepping stones to success. Allowing room for mistakes, children have the opportunity to creatively sharpen their minds and feel fulfilled when accomplishing any of their goals.

Be close to your children, generously embrace them and appreciate their uniqueness, avoiding comparing them to others. Instead, you can praise their efforts and commitment, laying the foundations for their healthy emotional well-being, reminding them that you are there to help them overcome any obstacle, together.

  • Build a Positive Environment

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It may sound simple or obvious, but it is very important that children grow up in a safe and positive environment. And because laughter really is contagious, add it to your daily life generously!

Make your children feel positive and proud, by building their self-confidence and celebrate their success together. From cycling to reading, or helping with some household chores, show them that you are happy with their achievements.

  • Acknowledge their feelings and emotions

Talking with your children and listening to their concerns, you encourage the communication between you and them, strengthening the bond that unites you.

Dedicating time to discuss any subject that concerns them, children have the opportunity to better manage their feelings and emotions, whatever those may be, and feel safe. By having honest discussions between you, solutions can often be found any concern.

  • Teach them Gratitude

Naturally, the most important influence on children's emotional and moral development is their parents and the environment in which they grow-up. As your child's character is still malleable, it's time to take action and help them develop gratitude.

Lead by example and make a list with the things that your children and you feel joy and gratitude - anything minor or major. By helping them understand the things they are grateful for, empathy and compassion can begin to cultivate.

  • Encourage Creative Play

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Even the simplest game manages to fill children and grown-ups with joy, optimism and satisfaction. After all, experiential play is vital for the development of children’s personality and their brains’ functions, as it provides another way to express their feelings and emotions.

Experiential and free play perhaps is the most fun way for children to discover the world around them, as it allows them to gain important experiences, helping them to decode the various stimuli in their environment. In turn, these experiences encourage self-discovery, communication and collaboration.

Communicatively, for each of us, happiness is defined differently, but joy translates into the truest smile and a gargling laugh. Happiness is not a road race. Happiness is moments and it is everywhere around us, as long as we search to find it!