LIFETIMEKidsrooms Summer Offers! Pop by & create their dream room

LIFETIMEKidsrooms Summer Offers! Pop by & create their dream room

LIFETIMEKidsrooms summer offers on our collection’s beds and accessories, provide the opportunity to make unique combinations and equip your child's bedroom with smart solutions, at reasonable prices.

Now is the best time to visit our stores, where you will discover our renewed 2020 collection, which allows children and adults travel in fantastic dream worlds!

  • Unique children bedrooms

monadika paidika ipnodomatia

children bedrooms are innovative, flexible ad durable, in order to respond intelligently to each child’s individual personality!

And because each child's needs are unique, the flexible design and the Scandinavian philosophy allow for a personalized approach in choosing and creating a welcoming space that meets the age needs of your children, up to adolescence, without depriving them of functionality, style, layout and safety.

  • 5 years guarantee

At LIFETIMEKidsrooms the safety of your children is our top priority; therefore all our beds are made of solid pine wood and have a 5 year construction guarantee.

They are tested at TÜV in Germany for the following:

- Their construction stability,

- Their safety: there are no holes where children's hands, fingers and feet can get stuck and they are without sharp edges and corners,

- Their wood finish, which is water-based and not harmful for children or the environment.

  • Fabrics with Ökotex 100 certification

ifasmata me pistopoiisi okotex 100

All our fabrics are ecological and safe for children, since they are made of 100% natural cotton and decorated with ecological paints, without toxic substances!

Choose from a range of bed linen, sheets and pillowcases in unique designs, completing the style of your child’s room and create a safe haven for snuggles!

  • Children desks and chairs

Flexible and durable, all our children's desks adapt to the needs and age of your children. Choose office chairs for proper support during studying and design the space that will accommodate the dreams and ambitions of your little ones!

  • Light solutions for all tastes

Our collection has a wide variety of lighting fixtures for children's bedrooms, such as office lamps and clip-on lights that are specially designed so that they can be placed on all LIFETIMEKidsrooms’s beds. Available in a variety of colours, their modern design along with the ability to be placed where you need them, they offer a practical solution.

At the same time, the bedroom’s decoration can be enhanced by adding decorative lamps that add a dreamy feel, creating cosy corners for bed-time stories.

diakosmitika fotistika

  • Storage solutions for more playing

Practical storage solutions contribute to a child’s room organization and arrangement.

Wardrobes with special features, storage boxes and hidden drawers under the bed, can help take advantage of your space and make room for more play!

  • Decorative pillows and tipi tents

diakosmitika maxilaria kai tipi tents

Complete the decoration by adding special touches with decorative pillows, rugs, and tipi tents by choosing from a variety of designs, colours, and patterns!

With attention to detail and with the safety of your children as a top priority, together, we can discuss your needs, presenting solutions for the creation of the most special and safe children's bedroom for endless hours of playing and imagination!

Visit our LIFETIMEKidsrooms stores in Cyprus and Greece and find everything you need to create a unique bedroom, for the taste and needs of your children!

Schedule your appointment and let’s design together the room of their dreams!