Latest Styles in Boy’s & Girl’s Bedrooms

As a parent, you will naturally want the very best for your children when it comes to their own personal space in their bedrooms. Early childhood is such an important part of your children’s growth and will reflect on who and what they are to become. Your child will spend a great deal of time in their rooms while at home either doing homework, playing or sleeping and it is up to you to ensure that they will feel as comfortable as possible there.


Since you are interested in offering your child something more than your refurbished childhood bed, you mind as well check the latest styles in kid bedrooms. Listed below you will find a variety of ideas for both boys and girls which we are sure will please your young children as well as yourselves and fit stylishly into your home. Based on various themes, they will surely win your children’s hearts.


There is something else: not only do these bedrooms look good, but they are also practical yet imaginative at the same time. Namely, these beds can practically ‘grow’ with your child. What begins as a ground level bed for younger children aged 2 - 4 years old can then ‘grow’ to accommodate 5 - 7 year olds. For 8 - 10 year old children the bed can be mid high with a ladder up and for 11+ years old, the bed is above a desk for homework, with a ladder going up to the bed – there are, of course some variations depending on the theme you choose.

Let’s start with boys: styles featuring forest and desert adventures are the hottest right now, blending all these characteristics that boy’s love in an environment they will spend hours playing in either one.


Boy’s Room


Camp Canyon Theme – Cowboys and Indians!

With this exciting theme your son can imagine himself to be in the heart of the wild, wild - west in his very own adventure! With the Camp Canyon décor a child can immerse himself in the realistic looking scenery of real life cowboys. Imagine your son in his very own log-cabin style bed with an incredibly designed ‘tipi’ or teepee to play in. It is a boy’s dream come true and once he sets eyes on it installed in his bedroom, it will be difficult to get him to come out for meals!

The log-cabin style bed is made of solid pine and you can choose your bed combination from three different designs:

• The basic semi high bed with steps is 128cm x 207cm x 102cm. The bed finish can be in white, white wash or grey wash according to your taste.
• Hut panels for foot end of bed 53/24cm x 77cm x 4.5cm
• Hut panels with window 89cm x 77cm x 15 cm

The tent is free-standing in the traditional Native American style with tie string door flaps, windows and is made of cotton and aluminium. It is wonderful to play in or even sleep in occasionally. It measures 160cmx150cmx150cm so will not take up a lot of space. No need for your youngster to be camping outside in the garden when he can do so in the comfort of his own room without danger or mosquitoes!

Your youngsters certainly won’t tire of this new and exciting design and will love having their friends over to join in endless forays into the wilds of their imaginations. Camp can dream his nights away and spend the most memorable moments of his childhood during the days.


style kids 1


Tree House Theme


The second exciting choice for a boy’s bedroom is the Tree House scheme. What boy has not wanted a tree house to himself? Well, now he can have one installed in his bedroom! What more could any boy desire?

This private sanctuary is especially designed to convey an aura of mystery and secrecy. It is a den where your son can escape to dream his own dreams – day or night. It even has a ladder that can be drawn up so that a child can take refuge and feel extra safe. It has the feeling of being thrown together in a rough and ready manner just like a real tree house. There are window panels and planks on the roof, no detail has been omitted. Included are also a mirror in the roof, hanging rack, coat hooks and matching cupboards. The tree house is adjustable and easily made to fit different bed types.

There are four types of tree house beds all made from solid pine with white wash bed finish.

• Basic ground level tree house bed: 181cm x 207cm x 102 cm
• Mid high bed with rope pull up ladder: 113cm/230cm x 207cm x 102 cm
• Mid high bed with slant ladder measurements are the same as above
• Full cabin tree house bed with storage space below 200cm x 207cm x 102cm

You certainly won’t regret transforming your boy’s bedroom into either of these two inspirational themes. In addition, there may well be some girls who are tom-boys and would adore either of these ideas just as much! Not all girls are ‘girly’ when it comes to playing!


style 4


However, most young girls are extremely ‘girly’ and like nothing better than a feminine type of fantasy world. This brings us to the following nature-inspired themes which should appeal to your young daughter.

Girl’s Room

Butterfly Love Theme

Butterfly Love is a beautiful sky - like blue canopy over the bed with the lower section painted full of carefree butterflies flittering capriciously over a meadow of colourful flowers. The flimsy material of the canopy gives a whimsical, magical feel to the whole bed that it envelops. You little girl will feel as though she is outside under the sun in the garden with beautiful butterflies and flowers all around her. It is a perfect place to dream or play in.


You can also purchase Butterfly Love accessories such as pillows and bed linen which are all enchantingly designed to enhance your child’s special bedroom.

Coming in white, white wash or grey wash, the theme is available in several different types:

• Mid high 4 poster: 177/210cm x 207cm x 102 cm
• Low 4 poster bed: 177/210x207x102 cm
• Cabin bed 4 poster: 83/177cm x 207cm x 102 cm

The Butterfly Love Canopy itself is 210cm x 207cm x 104cm and is made from OEKOTEX 100 which is as light as a butterfly’s wing.


kids room3


Free Bird Theme

The Free Bird design will inspire your young daughter’s dreams with its unique portrayal of birds flying free, soaring into dreamland. The birds are colourful and will give your daughter a sense of being close to mother earth. She can lie in bed and imagine she is outdoors watching nature and yet be in the comfort of her own home, safely tucked up in her own little nest.


The Free Bird bed is a four poster which gives your child a great sense of security and the colours and happy looking birds portrayed, will set your daughter’s imagination on fire and widen her mind. This cosy environment is relaxing and will ensure a night filled with beautiful dreams.


style 2


Your child will love this new theme - the canopy itself is made of light, flimsy material called OEKOTEX 100. It covers the top and two ends of the bed and is beautiful to look at. It measures 570cm x 140 cm and will fit all three of the solid pine beds which have a bed finish of white, white wash or grey wash:

• Mid high 4 poster bed with steps: 177/210cm x 207cm x 102 cm

• Low 4 poster bed: 177/210cm x 207cm x 102 cm

• Cabin bed 4 poster with steps and storage space below: 83/177/210cm x 207cm x 102 cm

These are just a few ideas for you to consider for your child’s bedroom. Once you have chosen your favourite theme, together with your offspring, you will then be ready to decorate the rest of the room to fit in. These wonderfully inspired bedrooms will give your kids hours and hours of pleasurable playtime either on their own surrounded by their dreams, or together with their best friends or siblings.

When you decide on a theme the rest of the decoration will just fall easily into place and you will wonder what you were ever worried about in the first place. Don’t delay check out these ideas today.