LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS was, is, and will always be inspired by the word standing out in its brand name – Lifetime. Offering creations designed and made to last for life by using solid wood of exceptional quality, our themed rooms cater for your child’s unique character, traits and wishes, to house his/her energy, thirst for game and fun, need for knowledge and friends, as well as comfort and privacy – in other words, to afford all the elements a child needs to create the microcosm he or she wishes to grow in.

Still, the parent is equally important for children’s life – and LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS has always succeeded in meeting the kid’s wants along with the parents’ needs for durability, adjustability, and assurance for their little precious one’s safety.

Creating rooms that grow with the children, transformed into their ideal haven for any given phase of their fascinating journey to adulthood, LIFETIMEKIDSROOMS breathes love and genuine personal interest to every inch of its designs.